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"Aqui/Here" - The Movie "Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d’Avenida and the AVANCA’11 Film Festival. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.
First City: AVEIRO The first selected city of the 10 urban spaces to be featured in "Aqui/Here" is Portugal's Aveiro, birthplace of this project, and the Manifesto's source of inspiration.

The Manifesto Origin

The Manifesto for Public Space stems from Amigos d’Avenida’s experience and debate over one of Aveiro’s most emblematic public spaces.
Following the city’s 250th anniversary and drawing inspiration from Vilnius European Capital of Culture, where public art, public space animation and community engagement were actively sought, Amigos d’Avenida directed their debates to public space animation and qualification and the role of culture, art and creativity in the affirmation of Aveiro’s quality and competitiveness.

The group directly confronted the city about using the anniversary’s commemorations as an opportunity to stimulate artistic, cultural and technological production, to intervene in the city’s public space and to forge a tighter connection between the city and its inhabitants.

Several public debates were accordingly organized, leading to the pilot project “If this square was 250 years old”, a public space animation project taking place in a central square explicitly involving the city’s cultural agents, from artists to craftsmen, from March until September 2009.

From this experience and parallel discussions, the need to synthesize the group’s thoughts on the matter emerged. Thus the Manifesto for the Public Space was written, whose ten principles advocate the promotion of greater use and bonding with the city’s public spaces by the overall population through interventions not only in animation but also in their physical characteristics. This is the Manifesto behind ‘Aqui!/Here!”

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"Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d'Avenida and Cine Clube de Avanca. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.

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