"Aqui/Here" - The Movie

"Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d’Avenida and the AVANCA’11 Film Festival. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.

Each of the ten short films will explicitly address one of the Manifesto’s ten principles. The films should be a clear statement of public space’s symbolic importance as a meeting place of social interaction, of knowledge and experiment, of entertainment and artistic production.

The short films will be shot in ten cities across the globe and in Aveiro, gathering directors, actors, directors of photography, composers and technicians that have taken part of AVANCA Film Festival over the past 12 years. Previous prize winners and participants in AVANCA will be given priority when building teams for this long feature film project. However, we encourage everyone interested in the Project to get in touch with us, regardless of their relationship with AVANCA.