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"Aqui/Here" - The Movie "Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d’Avenida and the AVANCA’11 Film Festival. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.
First City: AVEIRO The first selected city of the 10 urban spaces to be featured in "Aqui/Here" is Portugal's Aveiro, birthplace of this project, and the Manifesto's source of inspiration.

F.A.Q's & Doubts

This is a clarification section for the most frequent questions.
If you want to report a problem or something concerning this website, please send us an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Why choosing the 30th of September for winners announcement?
The date for winners announcement was decided having the number of synopses received in account, so that the jury may have the necessary time to be able to read down your synopses and to judge their potential for full script adaptation in the most insightful of ways before announcing the winners.

I've finished my story after the contest's deadline. Can i still submit my synopsis for evaluation?
Unfortunately, the synopsis contest deadline was July 11th. the official registration and synopsis sending platform,  the "Sign up & Upload" functionality, is disabled for now. Due to this fact, synopsis submission is not currently possible.

Tell me again, what do i win if my synopsis in the chosen one?
If your synopsis is one of the winners, you will have your name credited in the movie, a prize money of 100$ and the opportunity to work in the movie production to further shape your idea. You will also be contacted by our production offices to negotiate the terms of your participation in the production process of the movie.

Who will be the jury for the synopsis evaluation?
The evaluation jury will be comprised of scriptwriters and directors with recognized status in the areas of literature and cinema, which are directly involved in the production of the "Aqui/Here" movie and that have taken part of AVANCA Film Festival, the largest workshop space in audiovisuals in Europe, over the past 15 years.

In the case of my synopsis being one of the selected, how am in going to work in the production of the movie?

All the details concerning to participation in the movie's production will be given to winners by email shortly after the announcement of the results.

Will there be other activities similar to the "Aqui/Here" Synopsis Contest in the future?
The "Aqui/Here" movie is a film project intended to be made with the active contribute of our fans and audiences in some of the aspects of it's production. Stay tuned for future collaborative activities that might be of your interest!

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"Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d'Avenida and Cine Clube de Avanca. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.

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