The Manifesto's Points


"Amigos d’Avenida", a group of citizens from the city of Aveiro (Portugal) concerned with the future of their city, invites every person and instituition to debate and develop initiatives that contribute to the development "regeneration, entertainment and artistic policies for the public space". This document proposes ten intervention principles:

1 Bring people to the streets.

Motivate the regular use and promote an active participation in the entertainment and artistic activities for public spaces.

2 Promote a bond with the public space.

Promote a use of the public spaces by the population and social and cultural institutions to develop a feeling of belonging with the city and the community.

3 Stimulate social interaction.

Create the conditions for the public space to rise as a collective and interactive space for people from different social contexts.

4 Promote diversified, artistic and cultural activities in the public space.

Support activities directed towards the enjoyment of different persons with various interests, contributing to the sustainability of day-to-day space functions.

5 Create an experimentation environment.

Promote activities that motivate the development of new experimental cultural and artistic activities in the public space based on existing local resources.

6 Value the memory of the city.

Share the history of the city by sharing historic events, organizing historical information and developing entertainment and artistic activities in the public space, contributing to value it's memory and identity.

7 Build a sense of public responsability in entertainment and artistic activities of public space.

Promote the sense of responsability towards entertainment and artistic activities in public spaces by the citizens and cultural agents.

8 Use the public space as a vehicle of communication and promotion of artistic, cultural and scientific activities.

Use the public space to promote artistic, cultural and scientific activities benefiting from the city's technologic research and development.

9 Garantee and inclusive public space with adequate urban equipment.

Assure an proper use of resources to create and maintain accessible and inclusive clean public spaces with adequate infrastructure.

10 Assure an integrated public space network.

Garantee a continuous, structured network of public space and an organized schedule between it's design and activities.


To view the full Manifesto version, download the PDF file: Manifesto (English)