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"Aqui/Here" - The Movie "Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d’Avenida and the AVANCA’11 Film Festival. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.
First City: AVEIRO The first selected city of the 10 urban spaces to be featured in "Aqui/Here" is Portugal's Aveiro, birthplace of this project, and the Manifesto's source of inspiration.

Answers to your Questions!

After receiving some questions from our participants, we took the time to give you some answers to your doubts about the "Aqui/Here" Synopsis Contest!

Question nº1

"Is the city to include in my synopsis already predefined?"

The background city to your story is of FREE choosing. We’ve been asked this question:

“Does the action in my synopsis have to necessarily take place in Aveiro?”

The Answer is...

No!..At least, not necessarily.

You may write about whatever city you like or choose to write about. Aveiro is just the first selected city of this project. You can write a story in this city, just as you can write it in other cities of the world. Just choose one city with which you feel more comfortable writing about as a background for your story!

Question nº2

"To where do i send my synopsis?"

It’s really easy to send your synopsis and the contest registration process won't take you more than a few minutes...
To send your synopsis go to the Sign Up & Upload Form on the "Aqui/Here" website.
Just fill in your identification data, some aspects about your synopsis, and select your text file to send!

Question nº3

"Who will be the jury for the synopsis evaluation?"

The evaluation jury will be comprised of scriptwriters and directors with recognized status in the areas of literature and cinema, which are directly involved in the production of the "Aqui/Here" movie and that have taken part of AVANCA Film Festival, the largest workshop space in audiovisuals in Europe, over the past 15 years.

If you're having more questions or doubts, tell us about it by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Good Luck and Good Writing!

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"Aqui/Here" is a cinematographic project led by Amigos d'Avenida and Cine Clube de Avanca. Based on the Manifesto for the Public Space’s ten principles, ten short films will be developed in ten cities from the five continents.

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